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Our History

Icon Metal Resources was founded by Robert E. O'Neal, Jerry T. Hatley, Jr. and Douglas J. Robbins to provide construction, engineering, technical and operational consulting services, as well as commercial representation to the flat-rolled metals industry. With industry-specific experience collectively exceeding 100 years, Icon is uniquely positioned to successfully execute your business initiatives. Further, our extensive network of industry professionals allows Icon to swiftly deploy expertise that is tailored to our clients' specific areas of emphasis.

Mission Statement

Icon Metal Resources will effectively apply its collective experience, knowledge and skill to create a higher standard of agile representation on behalf of our clients. We will always remain a culture based on ethics and professionalism, with a clear focus on results.

Vision Statement

We will lead the re-birth of an entrepreneurial spirit in the metals industry, that will serve as a bridge from our respected industry founders, to the establishment of the next generation of competent leadership. We will faithfully instill and promote the intrinsic value of highly engineered materials to contribute to the restoration of the strength and prestige of American manufacturing.